Recovering from Back to School, Revitalizing Ritual for Moms


Hi and Aloha, you fabulous, superhero mom! I don’t know about you, but for me September has been a bit of a blur. It seems it was just yesterday that we’v been enjoying the lazy days of summer; waking up when we choose, playing with the kids at the park, spending late nights under the stars, and socializing in the neighborhood with a glass of wine in hand. We’re relaxed knowing it’s coming… We thought we’re prepared for it… There’s still plenty of time… And then it hits! It’s come too soon…

Back to school.

How did it get here again so fast!? We frantically search for lunch ideas, gather school supplies, buy back to school clothes, shoes and gear, sign countless forms. Look at the calendar to the year ahead with crossed eyes. Sign kids up for activities, sports, art classes… all the while trying to juggle everyone else’s schedule. When are the breaks? Holidays? PD days? Work Meetings? Trade shows? We’ve penciled it all in and now stand back to observe your masterpiece.

We’ve done it!

Now rolls in October. The kids are now well into their routines, the calendar is jammed packed, schedules aligned and we are well and truly organized! Phew. Breath it in and let it all out.

Now it’s time to schedule something for YOU! Organize a daily pampering ritual for yourself. You definitely deserve it after all the running around, planning and preparing you’ve done. It is exhausting. September is probably the most hectic time of the year (should be called Chaostember perhaps). So give yourself a break and revitalize.

Remember the safety announcements on the airplanes? – put the oxygen mask on yourself first, before assisting your children. We are here to remind you to give yourself some (or A LOT) of Tender Love and Care.

So here comes MAHALO Skin Care. We have you covered with our revitalizing tips for the back to school (super) mom.

Creating a Mahalo Morning skin care ritual.

  • Wake up with the scent of blossoming flowers from The Petal Mask. Apply 10-20 minutes before your morning shower. This will give you enough time to make breakfast and lunch, or better, claim these moments for yourself and enjoy feeling the depth of your breath and how amazing you are! Wash off in the shower and enjoy your glowing skin for the rest of the day.
  • While your skin is still damp, apply the Vacation Glow and smooth over entire body and hair for deep moisture. Give yourself a light massage as you moisturize and feel yourself getting revitalized from head to toe. Start from your feet and work your way up towards your heard… legs, thighs, arms, shoulders etc, ending with a breast massage.
  • Apply a pump or two of the Vitality Elixir* to face. This is the superfood booster that brings together the glow from your mask and the Balm to follow. *Every Mom’s must have!
  • Smooth a small pea size amount of the Rare Indigo Beauty Balm between your palms and fingertips. Gently rub together to activate and press palms firmly over your face to spread. Inhale the luxurious scent and let your spirit be lifted.
  • If you find you still have dry spots, rub a small amount of the Mahalo Balm where needed, like the elbows or sensitive spots with eczema (which tend to flair up at the start of the school year for both parents and children, most likely stress/anxiety related).
  • Raise your head and smile. Look in the mirror and tell yourself you are beautiful, cherished and loved.
  • Repeat every morning or as often as you can

Other tips for revitalizing from the back to school madness:

  • Make a cup of your favorite tea or beverage and enjoy it warm and in silence
  • Stimulate your mind and read everyday, even a short haiku or a poem will brighten and charge your feminine self
  • Head to the gym and begin a new exercise routine
  • Practice mediation if only for a few minutes to relax your mind
  • Take moments to breathe deeply, feeling how each breath fills your inner self from head to toe
  • Enjoy a nutrient packed smoothie every morning
  • Book time out of the home or office to catch up with friends
  • Go for a walk, connect to nature, hug trees 😉