A poem to the full moon


To share in the brightness and glory of today’s Harvest Full Moon AND the Lunar Eclipse, we have for you a poem to the darling Luna. Because really, can today be any more amazing ✨  Tuning to the energies of the big shifts in the celestial skies?, and the Earthly vibrations. Feeding the heart, balancing the mind, letting intuition expand and guide.

Mantra ? for today: “Let go. Forgive. Surrender.

A poem to the full moon by Nenna

If I could, I would give you the Moon.
With all her beauty and brightness. Lying naked in the heavenly sky.
Surrounding herself with stars of the night, illuminating all the world.
Unashamed, uninhibited, naked and bare.

But the Moon is yours to take.
Her powers from the sun and stars. She pours it out to you. Offering more.
Draw from her energy and absorb it. With all your heart.
Take as much as you need. Don’t stop. You need more.
Fill your body, mind and soul.

Energize. Rise with her power.
Feel the connection. It’s strong. You are strong.
Visualize what you want. Then take it.
Give it love. Let it grow and flourish. Then let it go.
Let it flow away like a stream. Always moving and changing.

Transition with the Moon. Welcome her change. And yours.
It’s new. It’s scary. It’s good.
Breath, reflect and smile.
You’ve done it. Your inner goddess unleashed.
She’s smiling down at you.

Now dance!
Move your energy. Let is flow from one part of your beautiful body to the other.
Shake. Shake. Shake. Shake things up.
Chin up. Head and heart up. Up to the Moon.
Feel her watching over you…

Energize. Let go. Transition. Dance.