Transitions P.1


Aloha beloved Mahalo family. Welcome to fall, the golden time of the year. We are kicking-off this fabulous season with an in-depth look at “transitions”. This topic is influenced by the events in my own life, that of mother Earth, as well as the magic MAHALO has planned for the months ahead.

What’s with all these shifts?

Have you noticed in the past little while the celestial skies having a bawl with all the eclipses, triangles, big bangs, retrogrades etc? Even if you are a skeptic when it comes to astrology, I am sure even you have noticed that something is not quite “as per usual” in the air. Things are shaking-up, people are being shaken-up. I look around me and the number of separations, illnesses, fights and conflicts is staggering high. The counsellors have never been so booked-up and busy, as in the last little while. So what on Earth is going on I ask myself, and I am sure you ask yourself too.

What is becoming?

There is nothing certain in this world but change. Way back in college I studied the work of philosopher Heraclitus and his theory of becoming. In his very poetic writing he examines the world as the play of opposites that are constantly in tension with each other, as they try to change into each other. To change from one form (thing) into another, there must be some form of catalyst of change. His theory suggests that the catalyst that creates change is strife. From this theory of struggles of opposites he leads to the theory of flux. Everything is in flux, everything flows “you cannot step into the same river twice…into the same river we step and do not step, we are and we are not, if something is now it won’t be later, nothing is. All is flow, all is becoming

To change or not to change? that’s not the question

So, again, what does this all mean to “me”, you say? Well, it means this is a wonderful time for re-trospection, re-flection, re-visiting, re-examining and so forth….fill in your own “re-…” Weather you are like me who likes to keep an eye out for celestial happenings to be in the know of how the planetary shifts might influence certain events or occurrences, or if you like to look at things from a more scientific perspective. Fact is, things are shifting, the world is changing, the collective consciousness of the world is shifting from how things “were done” in the days gone by. These collective thought shifts reverberate like radio waves from one human to the other, shaking all of us up. Our choice is to go with the flow, or resist the change (which Im sure you know by now, resisting change is never pleasant, as you will be forced into it one way or the other).

I am not here to tell you what to do. I myself am still figuring it out. What I am inspired to share with you is awareness of the call to tune-in to our heart, to the heartbeat of our planet, and allow the voice of our inner truth lead us forward. That, and to remind you that everything is going to be ok. Even if you are in the middle of the shake-down, you will be ok. Change is inevitable, change is good, even if the outcome will be completely different from what you’v expected.

Surrender is not for the weak of heart, and you can do it!

It’s the unknown, which can sometimes be a scary and a difficult place, but it can also be surprising and welcoming. It requires learning and observing, with an open mind, to look at things in a new light and to find that excitement, that JOY DE VIVRE! It sometimes requires a slow and lazy pace with some planning, while others times you may be ready to commit and set off full steam ahead.

But don’t just go through the motions of life’s transitions, learn from them and GROW, or better, BLOSSOM!

Going back to the river example, the best way of change is to flow into it. Relax and release the resistance and look forward to this opportunity of growth for yourself.

So, once again, change brings the best of gifts

It is up to us to embrace the journey we wish to take, whether it be changing jobs, falling in or out of love, setting a new diet or letting go of something or someone. It is a personal journey, a time to renew your energy, to undo bad habits and start fresh.

Like the leaves of a tree, the old can be shed to make room for the new. Let go and learn to grow and transform, embrace it! Be ready for the next stage. Ready to move on, to move up, like a majestic tree. Relish and accept the change and admire the beauty that comes with it.

So here we go, September, we are ready!

This September’s solar eclipse in Virgo represents the beginning of a cycle, and what a great time to position yourself with new goals. We’v got some helpful tips to ease into your fall transition and set yourself up for success

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