Contrary to popular belief, oils actually help to break up and clear congestion by dissolving other lipids, like the excess sebum. The formulas of  The RARE INDIGO beauty balm and The VITALITY ELIXIR facial serum contain only the non-comedogenic ingredients, the ingredients that do not to block pores. Both these products are high in linoleic acid (over 70%), which is remarkably powerful in treating adult acne.  If you are new to using oils/balms on your skin, we recommend to begin with 1/3 pea size. Apply over wet/damp skin, so to allow for increased hydration and moisture balance of your skin.

The MAHALO line was born from the needs of my own highly sensitive, acne and inflammation-prone skin. Our entire collection is high in anti-inflammatory actives that help soothe the skin, reduce inflammation, and minimize redness. The PETAL mask, and The VITALITY ELIXIR are our most gentlest of the products, with their cooling, and gentle ingredient profile.

The BEAN mask antioxidant treatment, followed with The VITALITY ELIXIR facial serum is our best recommendation to solve your needs of evening skin tone and repairing hyperpigmentation, while preventing future damage and providing protection.

Before I go deeper into noting the actives in our products, I would like to say that I strongly encourage you to first and foremost consult with your doctor about the use of *any* natural products during pregnancy, especially the first trimester. Every person is different, and our bodies change drastically during pregnancy, so there will never be one rule that will fit all. A physician that knows your health history will be the best guide in advising you on the course of what’s safe, and what to avoid.
Having said the above, our products do contain therapeutic grade essential oils within the recommended dilution limits for cosmetic use. There has been much debate among aromatherapists weather to avoid the use of essential oils and absolutes at all, use only a little, or avoid only the certain oils (thyme, cypress, fennel, myrrh, basil, cedar, etc – which btw are not part of our line). For our balms and facial serum, the suggested dosage of 1 to 1/2 pea size, or 1-2 pumps of serum, applied on your face makes the dilution additionally small, as you use such a small amount. Personally I am not convinced that using skin care with therapeutic essential oils, applied topically, in recommended small amounts over skin of your face is going to do harm. Of course, the choice to use natural skin care that contains essential oils is thoroughly personal.

It is completely normal for The RARE INDIGO, The UNVEIL cleanser and The MAHALO BALM to melt in temperatures over 85F, and in no way alters their efficacy. Simply place the balms in the fridge for 1-2 hrs for the butters and oils to solidify, and enjoy.

The PETAL Mask is hand blended with all natural and many locally sourced ingredients that vary with changing seasons. This process can lead to variation in color from very pale to darker pink and slight change in consistency. We hope you will be inspired to embrace Mother Nature’s efforts to make each mask an individual.

At this time we do not offer samples for sale. However, you are welcome to request samples of any of our products with any product purchase from our website. Indicate your request in the note section of the check-out, and we will happily take care of you.

It is important to store ALL Mahalo products in a cool, dry place. Always use clean spoon to scoop out the mask, and not your fingers.

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