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The heart of MAHALO Skin Care

MAHALO Skin Care is an artisan-crafted line of facial beauty care, offering high-performance, luxurious skin treatments that target skin inflammations, environmental damage, prematurely aging concerns and offer nutrient-dense support for a healthy, and glowing complexions.

Our unique skin formulas combine the ancient knowledge of Polynesia, Western and Eastern healing, with the modern scientific advancements in natural beauty technology to deliver an experience inspired by Hawaiian approach to slow, mindful beauty rituals, and luxurious self-care. Taking skin care experience to a new level, the synergy of our curative skin treats is elevated by refined, remedial aromatics that awaken beauty and sophistication. Each of MAHALO products is crafted by hand in our private studio on Kauai, Hawaii, USA under high standards of beauty manufacturing practices.

Above all, behind each MAHALO product is love, passionate dedication to our craft, and desire to provide you with the most efficacious and luxurious skin care experience.

We create the best products we can, for you.

⠀▼ The making of The PETAL mask

The PETAL mask hydrating treatment to calm & plump

The PETAL mask was first introduced as a teaser gift with purchase in November 2015 when we launched The RARE INDIGO beauty balm, and this mask became an instant hit. Plush-pink sweetness of The PETAL with a seductive aroma of rose became a part of our permanent collection of Valentine’s day 2016 and it has been a best selling facial treatment every since.

The creation of this mask is a true labor of love. From using our own honey, and hydrosols, the mask is made in small batches of only 30 per production, ensuring freshness and efficacy. This beautiful potion loves to shape shift depending on the seasonal harvest of honey. It is known to range from more pudding-like to soft gel consistency. Just like honey that can be more liquid or solid, depending on the season, the plant and the humidity.

What makes it pink? The combination of rose, pink clay, rosehip and other botanical extracts, all of which are rich sources of anti-inflammatory actives.

Artisan craftsmanship, small batch

We take pride in creating MAHALO Skin Care from scratch, in small batches, with love and dedication to our craft. 100% of our production is done in house, from our private studio on the island of Kaua’i, Hawaii. This process if often time consuming, and labor intensive, but we would not have it any other way. The highly nutrient-dense, luxurious botanicals that we get the privilege to work with, deserve the love and attention of passionate human hands. We blend our masks in small batches of 30, our oils undergo demanding infusion processes that range between 3 weeks to 4 months, our bamboo and glass jars are assembled by hand, and all our balm and serums are individually poured by hand. Each potion is love of Hawaii, bottled, for you.

Our studio is buzzing 7 days a week, with different products on the go at different times. Products are made fresh weekly, and nothing sits on our shelves for longer than two weeks. This is our promise of our love and care for you.

⠀▼ Hand-pouring each bottle of our facial elixirs

⠀▼ Accidental beekeeper now in love with bees

The MAHALO bee queens

I became an accidental beekeeper when in the summer of 2016 my house got swarmed by what seemed like around 50,000 bees. It was an unforgettable experience of being surrounded by a cacophony of soothing buzzing, which strangely felt calming and nurturing.

Under the guidance of an experienced beekeeper, I have let the swarm settle for a week under by stairwell, letting them “plant their roots” prior to getting them calmly extracted and moved to what will become by first ever beehive. That was the time when I have fully and completely fallen in love with “my girls”, as I began to call them.

Since that time we have expanded our hives both here on Kauai, and other Hawaiian islands. Providing ethical, loving care to these magical creatures, and using their sweet nectar in the creation of our skin products.

From seed > plant > bottle

Every step of MAHALO Skin Care is tended to by loving hands, from growing select botanicals in the mineral-rich soil of our Hawaiian island, to processing, grinding, and making our own herbal distillates. Using pure water sourced from the volcanic rock, our hydrosols are made specifically to be used on their own, and are not a byproduct of essential oil production (which is often the case with store bought distillates).

Wild crafted or farm grown flowers, leaves, and/or roots are steam distilled via our custom copper alembic vessel. The steam causes the cells of the plant material to soften and release their aromatic compounds that are present in tiny sacs or globules within the plant, which are then risen by the steam into a cooling system. This condensed cellular water of the plant contains a gentle water-soluble (hydrophilic) micro-molecules of the constituents found in the Essential Oil of the plant, and is called hydrosol.

These distillates are used in manufacturing of The PETAL mask, The BEAN mask, The HAWAIIAN HYDRATION and any limited edition product we create during the harvest seasons.

⠀▼ Handcrafted Hawaiian botanical distillates

⠀▼ Orders packed and shipped from Hawaii to worldwide destinations

From Hawaii, with love

It’s one of my guilty delights in life, opening packages from small makers. Because small makers go the extra mile in ensure that each package is itself a work of art. Which is exactly what we thrive to deliver for you.

Additionally to handling our own manufacturing, all our orders are shipped directly from Hawaii by us. Even with now a worldwide recognition, and retailers in all seven continents, we do not allow distributors, or storage warehouses. This way we ensure that our products are delivered to you fresh, and at their maximum efficacy.

We offer additional gift packaging, love notes, and tastes of our skin treats with any order. Make sure to inquire what options we currently have available for you.

xx, Maryna
founder and chief skin chef of MAHALO

Incorporating MAHALO into your every day

Our products are yearning to love you, so please don’t wait to indulge. Our face masks are ideal companions for variety of things you might have on the go…candlelight bath + book + mask; morning yoga + mask; writing to do list + coffee + mask; grocery shopping + mask (you betcha queen, you can wear a facemask anywhere you want)

you are loved
you are cherished
you are beautiful
you are glowing

⠀▼ Inviting MAHALO to be a part of your daily rituals

⠀▼ The RARE INDIGO beauty balm

⠀▼ The PETAL mask