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As en eco-conscious company, we are fully committed to sustainability in all we do. Meet our beta-phase “Perfectly Imperfect Program”, aka “PIP”, where you get an opportunity to purchase our products at discounted prices for the reasons of having slightly imperfect external appearance. Products inside are of the same efficacy, freshness and formulation, as if you bought them full-price.

We have many creative ways of recycling our jars, but on occasion we receive large numbers of  jars that were either damaged in shipment or in production, so instead of recycling them, we’d rather have them loved by you.

What “imperfections” you might see:
incorrect laser engraving on a jar (this will be remedied with purple sticker indicating the correct product inside); logo engraved on an angle, or improper laser engraving; cracks on bamboo jar; etc

How it Works:
We announce to our newsletter subscribers when and what products are available with PIP codes. The quantities are limited, so they sell on first come basis. Check your email to see which of the below listed products are available with PIP codes, and add them to cart. Go to shopping card and enter appropriate coupon code for each of the product/s.

The PIP products are activated by discount codes. Our system knows how many we have in stock, so if for e.g. you add regular MAHALO BALM to cart, and use the “mahalobalmpip” code, you’ll receive the Perfectly Imperfect pot of The MAHALO BALM goodness.

PIP Codes:
• The MAHALO BALM, save $20 code “mahalobalmpip”
• The VITALITY ELIXIR, save $20 code “vitalityelixirpip”
• The RARE INDIGO save $20 code “rareindigopip”
• The UNVEIL cleanser, save $15 code “theunveilpip”
• The VACATION GLOW, save $25 code “vacationglowpip”
• The BEAN mask save $17 code “thebeanpip”
• The PETAL mask save $20 code “thepetalpip”

NOTE: if you do not see shopping cart updating your total with a discount, then that PIP product has been sold out.
Check again in a little while.


Mahalo (with gratitude) for your love