cleanser melt concentrate

$70 | 50 ml

A luxurious, no-cloth-required oil cleanse, elevated.

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The UNVEIL cleanser is the first step in your beauty rituals. The silky synergy of biocompatible oils, active anti-inflammatory phytonutrient infusion and antioxidant-rich enzymes create a gentle, yet effective thorough cleanse to exfoliate, soften and smooth, while leaving the moisture barrier of the skin intact and balanced. The UNVEIL cleanser is especially beneficial for nutrient deficient, congested and environmentally stressed skins.

Experience: Creamy, soft and delicate, green-tea colored 100% water-free concentrated cleansing complex. Melts upon contact with skin. Will not clog pores.

Aroma: Fresh and crisp scent of lemon, rounded with notes of exotic fragonia, ginger, cardamom and pink peppercorn. Hints of warm cocoa create a gourmand calming aromatherapy experience.

Ideal Dose: Depending on the needs of your skin. A pearl-size dollop for a regular day makeup removal, or a half pea-size scoop for a thin veil of gentle and soothing cleanse.


cleanser melt concentrate

A luxurious, no-cloth-required oil cleanse, elevated.

$70 Add to cart

or 4 installments of $17.50 with

The UNVEIL cleanser is the first step in your beauty rituals. The silky synergy of biocompatible oils, active anti-inflammatory phytonutrient infusion and antioxidant-rich enzymes create a gentle, yet effective thorough cleanse to exfoliate, soften and smooth, while leaving the moisture barrier of the skin intact and balanced. The UNVEIL cleanser is especially beneficial for nutrient deficient, congested and environmentally stressed skins.

Experience: Creamy, soft and delicate, green-tea colored 100% water-free concentrated cleansing complex. Melts upon contact with skin. Will not clog pores.

Aroma: Fresh and crisp scent of lemon, rounded with notes of exotic fragonia, ginger, cardamom and pink peppercorn. Hints of warm cocoa create a gourmand calming aromatherapy experience.

Ideal Dose: Depending on the needs of your skin. A pearl-size dollop for a regular day makeup removal, or a half pea-size scoop for a thin veil of gentle and soothing cleanse.

use as a base fluid
for a luxurious
gua-sha massage

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clear⠀⠀pure⠀⠀virgin⠀⠀skin,   unveiled…

The UNVEIL Cleanser helps to:

• deeply cleanse skin and lift pollution, dirt & impurities
remove foundation & makeup with no residue or irritation
clear imbalanced oil and toxin build-up
• gently exfoliate & soften skin with natural fruit enzymes
tone and reset skin’s natural healing ability

The UNVEIL Cleanser Melt Concentrate is a balm, a milk, a makeup remover and an oil cleanser in one. Its complex of rich oils and butters creates an exquisitely soft, rich but light texture that glides on skin like a smooth silk, loosening dead skin cells, environmental pollutants and makeup. With each circle of massage of this water-free formula you will notice it absorb the dirt and effectively cleanse clogged pores.

Rebacca E: “AMAZING I will never be able to use another cleanser again after using The Unveil! It is so gentle yet effective. I have very sensitive skin that breaks out easily and The Unveil did an amazing job of calming my redness and hormonal breakouts. I finally get excited about my skin care routine thanks to the MAHALO skin care line!! “



Your MAHALO moment (how to use)

1) Scoop a pearl-size dollop of the cleanser using clean fingers, or a spoon
2) Gently massage onto dry skin to help loosen makeup and clogged pores. Massaging allows the enzymes to gently exfoliate and helps the skin to absorb nutrients, while stimulating blood and lymph fluids
3) Wet the skin with your palms to emulsify the cleanser. Continue massaging with your fingertips as you rinse

The UNVEIL Cleanser is easily removed with just water. No cloth, or hot towels required. Simply wet your palms and rinse off as you would any regular cleanser.

Gabriela Z: “I simply love this cleanser so much! It truly gets rid of makeup and smells really good (an I’m very picky about smells). No matter where I go, I always bring my unveil with me. Even on no makeup days, this cleanser helps me clean my face from pollution and unwanted face oils. I can’t go without it ever!!! “

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Are best together:

Pairs beautifully together with The BEAN mask antioxidant treatment, The MAHALO BALM and The VITALITY ELIXIR to create an ideally cohesive union of purifying, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging beauty ritual.

Gina F: “As someone who really enjoys skincare, and is always on the hunt for the most pure, organic, plant based options, Mahalo appealed. I put off trying everything out purely because of the price, but am so, so glad I finally caved! From the Vitality Elixir to the Rare Indigo and Mahalo Balms I am utterly impressed at the totally sensorial aroma, texture and RESULTS; these products deliver on enlivening, refreshing and soothing your skin in ways others have claimed to, but not carried through on…100% in love with Mahalo products, and so, so glad I finally took the plunge!”



The UNVEIL Cleanser Melt Concentrate is a balm, a milk, a makeup remover and an oil cleanser in one. Its complex of rich oils and butters creates an exquisitely soft, rich but light texture that glides on skin like a smooth silk, loosening dead skin cells, environmental pollutants and makeup. With each circle of massage of this water-free formula you will notice it absorb the dirt and effectively cleanse clogged pores.

Sebum-balancing, moisturizing and antioxidant-rich oils in The UNVEIL Cleanser are comprised of long-chain molecules, offering a deeper cleanse, leaving the skin satin-soft. The bespoke blend of therapeutic-grade essential oils featuring Lemon, Fragonia, Ginger, Pink Peppercorn, and Cardamom help to ease stress and nervous tension as you inhale the aromatics during your cleansing ritual.

Unveil your beauty!

Q: How long will the 50ml jar last?
A: With daily use, morning and/or night, it will last you approximately 50-60 uses

Q: I have received my The UNVEIL Cleanser in the mail, and it looks liquid. Has it gone bad?
A: It is completely normal for The UNVEIL Cleanser to melt/soften in temperatures over 85F, and in no way alters its efficacy. Simply place the balm in the fridge for 1-2 hrs for the butters and oils to solidify, and enjoy.

Q: How do I store The UNVEIL Cleanser?
A: It is important to store ALL Mahalo products, including The UNVEIL Cleanser, in a cool, dry place. We do not recommend keeping them in the bathroom, as the humidity and warm temperatures will cause the cleanser to weaken it’s efficacy.

Q: Do you sell samples of The UNVEIL Cleanser?
A:We do our best to have product tastes available for purchase. However its not guaranteed that we have samples on hand all the time, as everything is made and poured by hand, including the sample tastes. Please check this page for current availability. You are also welcome to request complimentary product taste with any full-size, permanent collection product purchase from our website. Indicate your request in the note section at the check-out, and we will happily take care of you. Note: if your requested free sample is not in stock, we will replace it with a sample taste that best complements your order.


Key Ingredients:

Green Tea (matcha) – this delicacy of highest grade green tea boasts a well documented antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits of flavonoid phytochemicals called polyphenols, and has been prized for centuries for boosting collagen, firming and brightening skin. Rich in antioxidants, enzymes, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, green tea helps to stimulate skin regeneration. Clinical studies shown that topical formulations containing green tea reduce effects of sun damage by suppressing free radicals and reducing inflammation

Papaya – the papain enzyme naturally softens the skin and increases cellular renewal. It offers wonderful antioxidant properties with it’s unique combination of hydrocarbons, acids and carotene. It’s two active phytochemicals alpha-linolenic acid and caryophyllene add a potent anti-inflammatory boost, making this enzyme vital for nutrient deficient complexions

Fragonia – contains powerful anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, and immune system stimulating agents

Willow – helps to gently exfoliate and clean the pores from the inside, removing build-up of oil, pollutants, sweat, dirt, blood and other toxins. Nature’s salicylic acid, it exfoliates without irritation or sensitivity

Avocado – rich in Vitamins A, B, G and E which makes it a wonderful moisturizing treatment for dry and damaged skin

Macadamia – offering a near-identical sebum profile, it is rich in fatty acids and cortisone-like protective phytosterols that help to regenerate, and boost hydration

Sunflower oil – helps to clear pores, balance oil production and offer potent moisture boost with it’s ideal fatty acid composition that offers exquisite skin softening


prunus amygdalus dulci (sweet almond) oil and in-house phytonutrient infusion* [medicago sativa (alfalfa), arnica montana (arnica), calendula officinalis (calendula), symphytum officinale (comfrey), centella asiatica (gotu kola), ocimum sanctum (holy basil tulsi), azadirachta indica (neem), scutellaria lateriflora (skullcap)], persea gratissima (avocado) butter*, macadamia integrifolia (macadamia) oil*, helianthus annuus (sunflower) oil*, jojoba esters, mangifera indica (mango) butter*, theobroma cacao (cocoa) butter*, astrocaryum murmuru butter*, theobroma grandiflorum (cupuacu) butter*, argania spinosa (argan) oil*, cera alba (beeswax)*, ricinus communis (castor bean) oil*, cetearyl olivate (and) sorbitan olivate, non-gmo mixed tocopherols, saliks alba L. (willow) bark*, plukenetia volubilis (sacha inchi) oil*, coco glucoside, camellia sinensis (green tea) leaf*, calophyllum inophyllum (Polynesian tamanu) oil*, cucurbita pepo (pumpkin) seed oil* & papain*, lecithin*, montmorillonite (french green clay), citrus lemon oil*, agonis fragrant (fragonia) oil*, elettaria cardamomum (cardamom) oil*, zingiber officinalis (ginger) oil*, schinus molly (peppercorn) oil*, frankincense sacra oil*, melaleuca quinquenervia (niaouli) oil*, citrus aurantium var. bergamia (bergamot) oil*, commiphora myrrh oil*, rosmarinus officials (rosemary antioxidant) extract*, limonene+, linalool+, zingiberene+, gingerol+

Hand blended in small batches by MAHALO Skin Care in Hawaii, USA
*clean ingredients: organic + local and/or wild harvested (when available)
^lemon oil might have photosensitizing effects, avoid wearing in the sun, best use this product as intended facial cleanser only
+component of essential oil

Stored in a glass jar wrapped in a renewable bamboo to preserve the vitality of the ingredients and provide an eco-luxurious skin care experience.



The next generation of at-home face masks is blending breakthrough technology with fresh formulas. After a long day, when your mind and your skin need to unwind, a face mask can be the perfect solution. “Masks combat all types of skin problems and can be such a pick me up if you are having a rough skin day… Masks are also easily customized to each persons needs. Who doesn’t love a five minute skin makeover?”

Organic Spa Magazine

Current Favorites & Product Obsessions

I’ve always wanted to try Mahalo Skincare so I grabbed The Unveil Cleanser Melt Concentrate. This green balm cleanser was love at first use. It contains matcha green tea, alfalfa, arnica, comfrey, gotu kola, avocado, and cupuacu. It smells like lemon, ginger, frangonia, pink peppercorn and cacao. The citrus really takes over the balm which I love. It smells so fresh and inviting. This emulsifies and does leave some oils behind. It will remove all traces of makeup. I find the wood-burned pot so fun (my mom wood-burned her entire life and I’m always in awe of it because it was not my thing). More to come.

The Beauty Endeavor

MAKEUP REMOVERS AND CLEANSERS: Save Time With These 3 Makeup-Melting Products!

Want to skip a step in your nightly regimen? Makeup melting cleansing balms are the thing these days and they really work. Put a good sized dollop in your hands and mix with a little water to form a milky balm, then wash your face thoroughly. For stubborn waterproof mascara, add a soft washcloth to the mix.  Either way, it avoids the use (and cost) of a separate makeup remover. Here are my picks:

Mahalo Skin Care’s UNVEIL Cleanser Milk Concentrate: Melts with water and cleans thoroughly without clogging pores. Key ingredients include green tea, papaya, avocado, macadamia, sunflower oil with therapeutic-grade essential oils. Handmade in Kauai, Hawaii.

30 Seconds


Une petite marque bio qui a deja tout d’une grands avec ce baune nettoyant qui fait office de demaquillant et de soin. En plus de dissoudre le maquillage en un tour de main, il stimule le renouvellement cellulaire et aide a liverer la peau des toxines. Ce baume a rincer est aussi efficace qu’agreable a utiliser


A small organic brand that has hit big with this baume cleanser that acts as a cleanser to wash away impurities and takes in self care. In addition to dissolving makeup in a jiffy, it stimulates cell renewal and helps to lift toxins from your skin. This rinsing balm is as effective as it is a pleasure to use.

Le Journal Des Femmes

The Top 8 Green-Beauty Predictions for 2018

Something happens when you spend your days reading and writing skincare articles, talking with green-beauty retailers, and hanging out on Pinterest: you start spotting trends. While we expect some of 2017’s trends to carry on into the new year — like face masks, self care, and facial oils — we’re really excited about the newcomers picking up steam. These are eight of the clean, green and cruelty-free beauty trends that will be elbowing their way into your social media feed in 2018.

Locally Sourced Ingredients
Taking a cue from their culinary counterparts, more green-beauty brands will source their ingredients locally in 2018. They gain more control over quality and reduce transport impacts, while eliminating mystery around what’s really in their products. It’s also a chance to show off local fountain-of-youth ingredients, like MAHALO Skin Care’s Hawaiian kukui oil and vitamin C-rich noni and Alaska Glacial Mud Co.’s mineral-rich glacial mud sustainably gathered from the Copper River Delta in Alaska. Laurel Whole Plant Organics sources from farms within 100 miles of her Bay-Area Open Lab. Long time green beauty favorite, Tata Harper takes it one step further with their own on-site farm in Vermont.

Recommended products with locally sourced ingredients: MAHALO Skin Care The Unveil Cleanser Melt Concentrate

Gorgeousness Gadgets
Beauty gadgets have been on the rise for a few years, with dry brushing, microneedles and cleansing brushes, but dermal rollers just started to hit big in 2017 — especially the jade ones. They’ve been receiving rave reviews from beauty bloggers, like Organically Becca, and are relatively inexpensive. It doesn’t hurt that they look beautiful on your vanity! They’ll continue to trend in 2018, as other skin beautifying gadgets also arrive on the scene. What will be the new jade roller or konjac sponge? Our guess is that you’ll be seeing more stone and crystal options like the Rose Quartz, Jade or Amethyst Facial Rollers from Skin Gym. We also see more high-tech beauty devices in our future.



Beleaguered luxury retailer, Neiman Marcus, is entering the independent beauty market with ShopTheExpo, a collaboration with Indie Beauty Expo. Launching the limited-time collection over the weekend with a pop-up boutique in the NorthPark Dallas store, Neiman’s is featuring an assortment of fifteen products for sale on-line only. “With the rise in indie beauty we’ve been focused on curating an amazing assortment of under-the-radar brands,” said Kelly St. John, vice president, divisional merchandise manager for beauty at Neiman Marcus.

Brands included in the three-month sale are skincare companies, Ayuna, Beneath Your Mask, CircCell, Le Prunier, Luxe Botanics, Mahalo Skin Care, Planted In Beauty, Pour Moi, and Ranavat Botanics, the alternative Girl Undiscovered, color cosmetics from Ellis Faas, Joséphine Cosmetics, Lük Beautifood, and Sappho New Paradigm, and dental care from Swiss Smile. In November a Trending Beauty Shop will open in the NorthPark store, featuring many of these names to highlight newness. “Certainly in the industry you hear about designer and mass being challenging…[at Neiman Marcus] the niche and luxury [categories] continue to be very, very strong,” St. John continued.

Beauty Undercover

Indie Beauty Expo at Neiman Marcus

Meet the names shaking up the beauty world.

They’re passionate about beauty, sharing their secrets and they’re only here for a limited time.

Maryna Kracht established her skin care on the principles of Hawaiin mindfullness, gratitude and clean ingredients.

The line employs CO2 extraction that delivers the purest extracts with a near-identical profile to the raw plants.

Neiman Marcus

#ShopTheExpo at Neiman Marcus NorthPark Center

Indie Beauty Expo (IBE) brings Dallas beauty addicts a selection of under-the-radar products.
By partnering with Neiman Marcus, IBE continues to shed a light on independent beauty, lifestyle and wellness brands with an exposition-style roundup of products. Taking root in the retail markets of New York, Los Angeles and Dallas, IBE is slated to expand to London in 2018. The two-day event at NorthPark Center will feature a curated collection of fresh finds to switch up skincare routines! Founders Nader Naeymi-Rad and Jillian Wright, Neiman Marcus’ vice president of Beauty, Kelly St. John, and faces behind the brands will be on hand for a tailor-made shopping experience. Lines and products at ShopTheExpo include organic oil Le Prunier, Polynesian-inspired Mahalo Care, climate-smart skincare line, Pour Moi, and the Ayurvedic-based Ranavat. Giving power to the people, brands with buzz may become part of Neiman Marcus’ permanent beauty assortment. Oct. 20-21, Neiman Marcus NorthPark Center, 8687 N Central Expy

Modern Luxury


Connected by our shared love for Hawaii, Maryna and I have long dreamt of a girls trip to the island of Kaua’i, the home and inspiration for her artisan beauty brand, Mahalo Skin Care. As we planned for our third collaboration, the timing was right to make this dream a reality. I flew to meet Maryna and for 4 sacred days we escaped the daily to-do’s of our ordinary lives and ventured into the lush and sometimes precarious terrain of the island Maryna now calls home. Days of hiking, swimming, deep breathing and absorbing the energy of the island led to incredible breakthroughs and divine inspiration for both of us, some of which we share in the video below.

Perhaps one of my greatest revelations was how the land can hold space for our personal transformation. While I’ve always known that the island has so many gifts of nature to offer – botanicals, ocean, indigenous wisdom, and Mana (the word for the energy the Hawaiians derived from the land and nature) – I witnessed first hand how these bountiful gifts have offered Maryna a safe space for her evolution.
Maryna has called Kaua’i home for the last seven years. It’s where she birthed her business, now firmly established as a leading brand in the green beauty industry. How did this travel-loving Ukrainian woman get grounded on this Hawaiian island? In an inspired interview, Maryna shares how Mahalo came to be, the challenges she faces as she navigates operating a global business from a remote island, and why she now feels more optimistic and energized than ever before. In her own words, she shares her deepest intention for us all and how she uses her platform to spread the message of feminine empowerment and gratitude through beauty ritual and true self-love.

Beauty Heroes

The Matcha Trend Has Officially Spread To Skincare

Matcha isn’t new—it’s said to have been brought from China to Japan, where it has remained popular, sometime in the 10th century. The matcha craze in the U.S. began in early 2015, but it’s new to skincare. Traditional green tea, made by steeping leaves rather than dissolving matcha powder, is the most-studied antioxidant, according to Dr. Leslie Baumann, M.D., a Miami-based dermatologist and author of Cosmeceuticals and Cosmetic Ingredients, and she considers it the most promising natural ingredient on the market today.

“There’s convincing evidence that oral and topical green tea—you need both—neutralizes free radicals and decreases inflammation,” she says.

Do It Yourself – It’s not just for the spa: Matcha products are also hitting the shelves. To find an effective treatment (and avoid any low-quality products riding the wave of the matcha trend), “look for a brownish tint,” says Dr. Baumann, a sure sign of a high concentration of EGCG.

Mahalo Skin Care: The Unveil Cleanser Melt Concentrate – Packed with healing green tea leaf, phytonutrients, and plenty of oils (argan, pumpkin seed, cardamom), this balm-like cleanser, which should first be applied to dry skin, turns to a milky lather when introduced to water.


This beautiful sunny #indiansummer day calls for a #throwbackto the summer issue of @elle_nl featuring @reinaorganics, the beautiful no-cloth required cleanser the Unveil…

The UNVEIL cleanser is the first step in your beauty rituals. The silky synergy of biocompatible oils, active anti-inflammatory phytonutrient infusion and antioxidant-rich enzymes create a gentle, yet effective thorough cleanse to exfoliate, soften and smooth, while leaving the moisture barrier of the skin intact and balanced. The UNVEIL cleanser is especially beneficial for nutrient deficient, congested and environmentally stressed skins.


Why It’s So Hard to Be an Indie Beauty Brand

Startup founders talk the challenges they faced early on…

Beauty startups face a competitive market worth $60 billion; skincare accounts for the biggest share. To launch, brands have to figure out what they want to formulate and why, and who their consumers are and how to reach them, often on very limited budgets.

Maryna Kracht launched Mahalo Skin Care in Hawaii three years ago. She knew early on that ingredients would be a huge expense. Mahalo products feature tamanu oil (which has anti-inflammatory properties and can promote cell growth), sea buckthorn oil and aloe vera. Kracht looks to appeal to customers seeking something luxurious and handcrafted. “I want people to feel that this is an artisanal product,” she says.

With a team of four employees, she develops her own formulas. She works with local suppliers in Hawaii, uses organic ingredients and produces her own hydrosols, or distillates, such as rose water.

“I did have savings, but not a lot,” Kracht says. “More than anything, I had to be extremely strategic with every single dollar.” That meant lots of time researching ingredients before spending money on developing anything.

Kracht never resorted to formulating her products for Mahalo in her kitchen, as some natural skincare brands claim to. “I am a stickler for everything being sanitized and making sure we’re up to standards. I had a separate kitchen away from the house where I created a little lab of sorts,” she says.

Kracht’s face is the first thing you see on the Mahalo website. She still handmakes her formulas and writes thank-you notes to her customers. “I encounter challenges every day,” she says. “In the very beginning, you’re wearing a hundred different hats. I did everything. It was figuring out the direction of the business.”

Since its launch, Mahalo has gone from production in a small lab in Kracht’s home to a 1,200-square-foot facility with a walk-in fridge. SkinOwl has been growing every year since it launched. “SkinOwl felt like immediate success because we filled a void,” Tevelin says. ‘It’s not easy, it weeds people out very quickly.”

Despite (or maybe because of) what it takes to launch beauty brands, Kracht says it’s startups that are shaking up the industry. “These small beauty brands, mostly women-run, are trying to go up against the Goliaths of the space, but we are doing it with a backbone of five people versus 500.”

Man Repeller

Mahalo Skin Care Unveil The Melt Cleanser Concentrate lotion facial cleanser / review

Over time it becomes pleasantly buttery, dense and resembles homemade jams. THIS flavor to this: love: a corporate website is described as “Fresh and crisp scent of lemon, rounded with notes of exotic fragonia, ginger, cardamom and pink peppercorn. Hints of warm cocoa create a calming aromatherapy gourmand experience.” and if someone was doing homework replaced the lemonade with agave syrup with ginger and cardamom, it will be more or less know how to Unveil The smells;) is citrus, sweet and fresh. It is not the smell overwhelming, but certainly distinctive. Green color lotion additionally stimulates the imagination and taste buds :)))
You can use it as a first or second cleanser does not require the participation of cloth or other helpers. We wash it off easily with the participation of hands and hot water. By combining the water turns into a milky emulsion. Very pleasant and comfortable . I must add that excels at dissolving makeup face regardless of whether it is a plain, soft undercoat, the product waterproof, or mineral filter.
I liked it for the effect of refreshing, cleansing, healing, effectiveness and gentleness. Depending on the stage at which it was used each time the skin was soft and smooth without feeling download, irritation or other adverse reactions. Exceptionally mild areas naczynkowych changes and rosacea. He brings additional comfort and at the same time allow for a quick make-up removal or the end of the purification step.
However, the vision of the fall of Mahalo tempts me more and more.

1001 Passion

These Hawaiian Beauty Products Are Trending This Year

Green beauty is constantly growing, with new brands popping up all the time. The most constant stream of consistently fantastic lines, however, seems to be coming straight from the beautiful islands of Hawaii. No brand looks the same — some you can find at luxury retailers, others are one-woman operations that operate direct-to-consumer, some consist of one or two products while others offer an extensive range — but they all share a few things in common: natural ingredients sourced from the rich islands, knowledge of ancient traditions and customs, and truly gorgeous fragrances. Could Hawaii replace Korea as the new beauty hotspot? While we don’t see the latter trend being usurped anytime soon, with volcanic clay powders, exotic fruit extracts, and tropical-inspired packaging, things that come from Hawaii have a similar novelty, as well as impressive efficacy, and of course, absolutely intoxicating scents. No to mention that sometimes it feels like the sunshine-infused potions that come from Hawaii bring with them the relaxing and welcoming vibes of The Aloha State; because very time I try one, I can close my eyes and feel like I’m practically there.

THE UNVEIL. No one really looks forward to taking their makeup off at the end of the day. That’s why face wipes were invented. But what if, instead of a chore, washing your face was a delicious, five-minute jaunt to Oahu? Well, that’s what it’s like to wash your face with this luxurious cleansing balm. I feel like I’m going to a spa instead of to my bathroom, and I love that you don’t need a hot towel or washcloth to wipe it off; it just rinses away with water. A miracle, hand-blended in small batches, that can transform your bathroom and your skin.


oh-my-skin-unveilBest Cleansing Balm – Mahalo The Unveil

My favorite product from Mahalo, The Unveil, which is a luxurious, no-cloth-required oil cleanser aimed specifically at effectively dissolving makeup and removing daily impurities to unveil a soft and glowing complexion. A very effective cleanser that both smells and feels lovely and cleans the skin brilliantly. It removes all traces of makeup, even mascara, while leaving your skin feeling hydrated, soft and plump without clogging pores. I love the ethical nature of the company and the way they produce their packaging and ingredients. I only have two drawbacks. Firstly, it did sting my eyes slightly (but then again my eyes are very sensitive) and secondly the price is above and beyond what most people would outlay for a cleanser. Apart from that I would now consider myself am a Mahalo convert as I don’t think I have ever experienced a natural cleanser that is comparable to this one. Never before has a cleanser left my skin feeling so amazing that it barely even needed moisturising after. I would say that this is the best balm cleanser I have come across so far and that it is becoming a must for me.

Oh My Skin

12 Rustic-Style Beauty Products Guaranteed To Give Your Dresser A Shabby Chic Twist

These beauty buys are bound to give your dresser a cool, shabby chic twist. MAHALO THE UNVEIL CLEANSER CONCENTRATE. Mahalo’s almost milky cleansing balm works to dislodge and lift every last stitch of make-up and oil without leaving your skin feeling tight and uncomfortable. Ditch the wash cloth and massage it on to your face using your fingertips before rinsing off with tepid water.


Freshen Up Your Spring Beauty Routine With 22 New Products

We rounded up the best new beauty products released this season. The Unveil cleanser Melt Concentrate. Mahalo, if you’re not familiar, is the kind of brand that makes you want to hop on a plane to Hawaii, start your own skin care brand and never look back. Such is the rich, sensorial experience of the colorful Kauai-crafted products in their wooden containers. Unveil is a balm cleanser filled with pollution-fighting antioxidants (i.e. matcha!), sebum-fighting willow and softening papaya.


Clean Beauty Picks for Spring

Let’s get to the goods, shall we? These are some of my current favorites this spring…
My journey with Mahalo’s The Unveil Cleanser Melt Concentrate began in late January, but this beauty will continue to be a go-to cleanser during the spring. I love the way it effortlessly melts into skin, lifting makeup and purifying skin. It rinses away without leaving a trace of the balm behind, yet skin feels comfortable and balanced. Plus, the herbal scent is so calming at the end of a long day and features some interesting essential oils like fragonia, pink peppercorn, ginger, and cardamom.

Integrity Botnaicals

Winter Routine 2017 – Green Beauty

The year 2016 made me discover care but especially natural brands that allowed me to spend a “comfortable” winter with skin nourished in depth.
I discovered MAHALO care at the end of 2016 and it was the best revelation. These treatments are of an extraordinary quality but above all a sensory pleasure that I do not find anywhere else. They may seem overpriced but having skin suggests imperfections, I can not settle for average quality.

Let’s go back to the Rare Indigo … This balm with a violet color and a fragrance of vanilla mixed with flowery notes is recommended for normal to oily skin. It brings the right amount of hydration without ever leaving a greasy veil on the skin. It even tends to matify it quickly and to attenuate my wrinkles of expressions. When I have some imperfections, I apply a grain of this balm locally to stop the push of the button or to accelerate his healing. I fell in love with this balm and even if the price is very high, each use, the size of a grain of rice enough to cover the whole of my face. So I think I can easily make money.
On weeknights, I start by removing make-up with the balm The Unveil still from MAHALO. This time, this green-colored balm turns into cleansing milk in contact with the skin. In a few massages, it removes all the make-up and removes all impurities accumulated during the day. It is composed of natural enzymes of fruits that allow to exfoliate the skin and make it soft. After rinsing this care, my face is fresh and my skin sharp.
To nourish my skin and rest it all night, I use the best-selling MAHALO, the Mahalo Baume. It was the precursor of my entry in natural care of luxury and especially it is the first moisturizing balm that does not cause me pimples! Its yellow-orange color obtained by the turmeric makes me a little bald complexion that is not unpleasant. I am amazed to see stunned by its regenerating and nourishing actions that are really beneficial to my skin. After being attacked throughout the day, she enjoys eating a dose of natural.

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New Mahalo Unveil Cleanser

The brand New MAHALO UNVEIL Cleanser Melt Concentrate is just TOO GOOD … Why I Love the MAHALO UNVEIL Cleanser Melt Concentrate (and why I know you will too!): First off, what’s NOT to love about MAHALO products?…. They’re amazing products and they really work so well. The new UNVEIL Cleanser is no different from the rest of the incredible line. It smells amazing, it works so efficiently, it’s water-free so you only need a small amount, and the precious cleansing balm won’t upset the fragile pH of your skin. It’s a bonafide skincare gem and you want to have this in your routine, especially if you wear makeup as it’s especially beneficial for removing makeup, dirt, and sunscreen. The UNVEIL Cleanser smells incredibly of uplifting lemon and aromatic ginger, cardamom, and exotic fragonia. It’s a difficult scent to describe, but I promise you’ll love it! What makes this cleansing balm so unique is the water-free formula that rinses from a balm/oil to a milk and then rinses clean. I’ve tried a million different cleansing balms and all of them leave an oily residue. This is, quite literally, the only one I’ve ever tried that rinses off and leaves skin feeling so soft, firm, and balanced. It’s one of the few cleansing balms I’ve tried that I truly believe any and all skin types will love.

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Battle of the cleansing balms

Cleansing balms have become more and more popular in the past couple of years. What started with a few options are now many and that makes it hard to choose the right one. Especially in the ‘green beauty world’ where it’s often difficult to try something before purchase, you end up with lots of hits and misses. My hunt for the perfect cleansing balm still continues even though I’ve discovered some really great options. My perfect cleansing balm would be one that is easy to massage in, rinses off completely without the need of a towel, smells incredibly good and has great ingredients. Let me share with you the ones I’ve tried, the battle is on!

Mahalo Unveil

Packaging: Mahalo has the most stunning packaging ever! A glass that is housed in the most beautiful bamboo case with the Mahalo logo engraved. What more can a girl ask for? The only negative point is that I wish the jar was a bit bigger (it’s 50 ml).

Ingredients: Wow, what an impressive ingredients list!
Performance: This cleansing balm feels like a thicker balm which doesn’t really change in consistency when applied to the skin. I need quite a lot of product to cover my whole face so I let the product sit for a few minutes to absorb all the amazing ingredients. I wet my hands which transforms the balm into a milk which is very easy to rinse off almost completely. It really is a unique and relaxing experience to use this balm.
Scent: Fresh scent of lemon, rounded with notes of exotic fragonia, ginger, cardamom and pink peppercorn and hints of warm cocoa. Although the scent is very nice, I expected something more heavy like the scent of the Petal and Rare Indigo which are beyond amazing.
Overall: Because of all the precious ingredients, I prefer to use this as a morning cleanser. I wouldn’t use this for makeup removal as it’s too unique to use it that way. Really enjoy using it every morning and highly recommend.
Score: 9/10


MAHALO SKINCARE Haul // Organic Natural Skincare

About two months ago Mahalo Skincare released their Taste Of Desires box.  A box full of deluxe/travel size Mahalo Skincare products. I knew this was a box I wanted to get my hands on. And I’m glad I did!  Mahalo Skincare is a botanical based skincare line. Their products are organic, hydrating, healing, high quality, high performance, luxurious skin treatments. A little goes a long way with their products so the price of them is so worth it!

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Top 10 Green Beauty Products of 2016

I’ve been using this product for almost two months and I can’t get enough. It’s unlike any cleanser I’ve ever used. It looks like a balm but then when you apply it and mix it with water it slightly foams up and liquifies. It takes all my makeup off effortlessly and doesn’t dry out my skin one bit. I’m addicted! And the smell….so good!

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The Unveil Baume Nettoyant Mahalo

Une petite marque bio qui a deja tout d’une grande avec ce baume nettoyant qui fait office de demaquillant et de soin. En plus de dissoudre le maquillage en un tour de main, il stimule le renouvellement cellulaire et aide a liberer la peau des toxines. Ce baume a rincer est aussi efficace qu’agreable a utliliser.
A small organic brand that already has everything great with this balm cleanser that serves as make-up and skin care. In addition to dissolving makeup in a snap, it stimulates cell renewal and helps to release the skin of toxins. This balm to rinse is as effective as it is pleasant to use.

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Well + Good Editors’ Picks – Best Natural Beauty December 2016

From the bone-chilling temperatures of winter to all the bonus holiday traveling, maintaining that healthy glow is exceedingly difficult this time of year. That’s why multitasking, skin-saving beauty products have been popping up on beauty shelves so that your skin doesn’t have to suffer. So which are the favorite new, natural beauty products Well+Good editors tested this month? A rejuvenating facial peel, an anti-inflammatory cleanser melt, a head-to-toe hero balm, a dreamy coconut skin dew, and other new power-players—many starring matcha. Thanks to these complexion-saving products, your skin doesn’t have to be as dull as the weather.
Keep reading for 13 editor-approved beauty launches this month you need to know about.
Mahalo The Unveil Cleanser Melt Concentrate – This makes cleaning my face actually fun—one small scoop of the green balm (from matcha) literally melts into your skin and feels like an oil cleanser. Once you add water, it turns into a creamy foam that leaves your face ultra-soft—and mascara-free. Starring anti-inflammatory fragonia (an Australian plant) and exfoliating papaya enzymes, this tropical, buttery blend is perfect for a nightly refresh of your skin, particularly if you’re too lazy to use a few products for the job.

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Mahalo debuts Balm-to-Milk Cleanser

Say ‘aloha’ to the Unveil cleanser from Mahalo Skin Care. This new product’s balm-to-milk formula sinks into skin to effectively dissolve makeup and daily impurities, unveiling a soft and glowing complexion. The silky synergy of biocompatible oils, active anti-inflammatory phytonutrient infusion and antioxidant-rich enzymes create a gentle, yet effective thorough cleanse to exfoliate, soften and smooth, while leaving the moisture barrier of the skin intact and balanced. The Unveil cleanser is especially beneficial for nutrient deficient, congested and environmentally stressed skins. This creamy, soft and delicate, green-tea colored, 100% water-free concentrated cleansing complex melts upon contact with skin and is touted as not to clog pores. Key ingredients include avocado, papaya, matcha green tea, sunflower oil and antimicrobial fragonia. The aroma features a fresh, crisp scent of lemon, rounded with notes of pink peppercorn and exotic cardamom. Hints of warm cocoa create a gourmand calming aromatherapy experience. A pear-size dollop is ideal for makeup removal, or a half pea-size scoop for a gentle and soothing cleanse.


The ultimate Holistic Hawaiian Spa Experience: The Olavine Spa

When you walk into the spa, you will notice the serene colors of aqua and green which represent the Hawaiian waters and greenery. A misty scent of Eucalyptus flows through the air as you are surrounded by jewelry and holistic products including the eco-chic Mahalo skincare line that is exclusively available here at the spa.
We use Mahalo Skin Care…  MAHALO Skin Care is a botanical-based facial care line, offering high-performance, luxurious skin treatments that target skin inflammations, environmental damage, prematurely aging concerns and offer nutrient-dense support for a healthy, and glowing complexions. Our unique skin formulas combine the ancient knowledge of Polynesia, Western and Eastern healing, with the modern scientific advancements in natural beauty technology to deliver an experience inspired by Hawaiian approach to slow, mindful beauty rituals, and luxurious self-care.

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The Discovery of 3 MAHALO SKINCARE treatments

The Mahalo balm was not a product I feel in love with from the start but… in the end I did fall in love. Especially as it is recommended for people with dry skin, irritations and sensitivity. I particularly like to use it right now, with low temperatures and winter approaching, my skin is really lacking in hydration. It is perfect after showering, to blend the dry patches and redness of the face. Its water-free formulation makes it ultra moisturizing and concentrated to protect, soothe, moisturize and regenerate the skin… I love the soft, velvety feeling that the balm leaves on the skin. It provides long-lasting hydration, which is perfect for spending the evening and night comfortably… The Petal Mask is formulated to deeply moisturize and visibly improve the appearance of the skin. At each opening, a delicious blend of notes of rose, jasmine and ylang-ylang with the sweetness of honey and vanilla escapes to bring a touch of sensuality.

The Unveil… is my most recent purchase. Since its official release was announced for the 1st of December, I immediately went the Ecocentric to order it lest it sell out too quickly. Its composition is sublime, like all the other products of Mahalo. It contains botanical extracts with strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant powers to not only eliminate impurities but also infuse the skin with all these benefits: it is softer, toned and balanced. I like its versatility, indeed, it serves both as make-up remover and cleanser. In contact with the skin, its balm texture is transformed into a sensory oil that is perfect for massaging, removing make-up and relaxing. The cleansing action happens when you moisten your face. At this point, the oil turns into milk, which is simply rinsed with water. The skin is sharp and soft, which proves that it is not aggressive at all. It will be the ally of sensitive and dry skin!

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5 Hawaiian Beauty Products to Bring Out Your Inner Moana

Disney has steadily been rounding out its princess empire with more action-packed roles for female heroines (see Elena of Avalor, Frozen’s Elsa). The latest CG-animated lead to root for: Moana, the teenage daughter of a Pacific Islands chieftain who sets out on an oceanic journey to track down lost members of her tribe. Breakout Hawaiian actress Auli’i Cravalho voices the title character and composer-lyricist Lin-Manuel Miranda (of Hamilton fame) wrote the songs for the movie, which is already getting advance praise and includes enough epic scenery to inspire landlubbers to rig the sails on a canoe and head for Polynesian climes. To stoke your inner wayfarer, here are five island beauty finds infused with healing botanicals.
With oils that are cold-pressed or extracted using an advanced C02 technique to preserve the integrity of the raw materials, Kauai-based Mahalo Skin Care is both high-tech and distinctly Hawaiian in its approach. The new Unveil Cleanser Melt Concentrate (out next month) combines anti-inflammatory matcha, purifying willow, and pore-refining sunflower oil in a balm that, when mixed with water, transforms into a milky emulsion to soften and cleanse.


Mahalo Skin Care presents The UNVEIL

Mahalo Skin Care is one of my favorite brands thanks to the clean ingredients and the integrity of brand owner, Maryna. I’ve been a fan the minute I tried the Indigo Balm, a dreamy, creamy soothing product that I am obsessed with. Many of the ingredients used in Mahalo products are raw, organic, and come from co-ops and bio-dynamic farms. Maryna grows and processes several ingredients herself. When you receive something from Mahalo, you immediately sense the positive and beautiful intentions as you unwrap your gorgeous products. Made with love!
The latest product is The Unveil and its amazing. It’s a balm that turns creamy and feels soft and smooth on the skin. A little of The Unveil goes a long way and does a beautiful job of cleansing.
Blue Hawaii is a nutrient mist that features Kauai grown botanicals, hyaluronic acid, and a synergy of aromatics. It smells like a breeze from the coast of Hawaii, light and floral but delicate too. It delivers a boost of nutrients to skin and compliments The Unveil perfectly. I admit, I’ve been spraying it over myself all day because I love it so much. There is nothing from Mahalo that isn’t nurturing and calming and soothing.
And you guys, if you want a nice red lip here’s how to get it using a clean and non toxic product! Called Red My Lips this little round compact houses a powerful red shade that can be applied lightly like a stain or be a little more heavy handed for the drama. I’ve used it on my cheeks too.
It’s made by hand using, “organic moisturizing oils, natural waxes, and collagen amino acids infusion to promote an irresistibly plump, volumized appearance.”
It’s just not possible for me to love Mahalo Skin Care any more!

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Make Me Melt! Mahalo’s New Unveil Cleanser Melt Concentrate

It’s here! Mahalo’s new MAKE ME MELT! The UNVEIL Cleanser is a balm/milk/makeup remover and oil cleanser in one. Hmmm…okay, how to start this review…well, how about this? The UNVEIL cleanser performs exactly the way that it says it will. I’m telling you, it’s an absolute pleasure to use this cleanser and the simplicity of it is remarkable. Maryna, the creator, had said she wanted to create a cleanser to remove makeup that wouldn’t upset the pH balance of the skin all while creating a “tactile and aromatic experience.” Done and done. It’s a creamy, fresh-smelling, green balm that melts upon contact with the skin, turning into this milky, super-effective cleanser with the addition of water. The best part? It gets rid of ALL of your makeup and leaves your skin feeling like you just applied a moisturizer. I am really, really, really impressed by how easily it cleans off all of my makeup as I usually have to use a makeup remover (or cloth) on my eyes after I cleanse. Oh, and make sure to take advantage of the free GWP…the toner is out of this world. It’s the kind of thing that will be your new obsession…can’t stop spraying it!

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This week a very special skin care line launches at Integrity Botanicals—Mahalo! I had the pleasure of meeting Maryna, the founder of Mahalo, at A Night For Green Beauty in Chicago, and she’s as kind and enthusiastic as can be—the kind of person you know instantly you’d love to share a meal with. What I didn’t know until this interview is that Maryna is as obsessed with face masks as I am. I guess that should have been obvious based on my experience with the new Petal Mask from Mahalo—but more on that this weekend!

What makes Mahalo different from other lines?
Unequivocal love and the intrinsic joy that is Mahalo, the joy that I receive from making the products, to joy that I hope our customers experience when they incorporate our skin treats into their beauty rituals and beauty routines.
I’ve said this before, and with each passing day this statement rings louder and more true for myself and Mahalo—I believe that I was born to do this, everything I have learned, experienced and discovered has come together to create Mahalo. Everything. The kind of experiences—like being born and raised in Ukraine, traveling the globe, living and visiting India five times, living and traveling all over Europe, studying yoga since the age of 5, being a vegetarian for over 25 years, working in high-profile corporate world of events and beauty—all these nuances brought a layer of flavor into my life, a certain attitude and outlook at our beautiful world, an outlook that is distinctly my own. These flavors are spilling into Mahalo. I bring my knowledge of herbs from my grandmama, who introduced me to the world of herbs, alternative medicine and plant whispering at a young age. My fascination with the world of arts, the grand operas, museums, architecture, and textiles are giving the love I have for luxury and beauty that spill into the way I want Mahalo products to be experienced. The awe, gratitude and humility I experience in the eyes of nature and my own naked soul. There is so much more than meets the eye, the Mahalo moment needs to be experienced to be felt or understood.

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