Cacay oil, retinol of the Amazon

The Cacay tree is one of the most promising species of Amazon biodiversity. The Cacay have a large, lush canopy, and reach between 50 and 65 feet in height.

A tough and rustic species, they have adapted to grow in acidic soil, such as those of the eastern plains of the Colombia´s untapped agricultural horizon. Known for their longevity, the female trees bear fruit well into their centennial.

The Cacay tree

The harvest takes place in the summer months, during the time when other crops are not yet producing. This gives a wonderful opportunity to generate income for local farmers in the most economically difficult time of the year. The fruit falls to the ground at its optimal stage of maturity, which facilitates collection, and in plain lands, allows mechanical harvesting. The Cacay fruit is similar in appearance to a lime on the outside, has three segmented nuts which can be consumed after processing or made into a nutritive flour or milk. The fruit also produces an oil, dubbed “Amazonian gold”, which is used for cosmetic purposes.

Impact of the Cacay on local communities

Before diving into the skin benefits of this “Amazonian gold”, I would like to highlight the  high impact and innovative potential the Cacay represents to it’s country of origin, Colombia, being destined to become it’s biodiversity icon. All parts of the Cacay are usable.

The peel is used as cattle feed or to make compost. The shell has high heating power with slow combustion, which makes it an excellent bio fuel. Cacay nuts are an important food safety alternative for communities in the region. For its high nutritional value, large size and full flavor, it is considered a “Super Nut” as a food source. Its high content of omega 3, 6 and 9, helps in lowering cholesterol levels. Due to the healing properties of the oil, natives use it as an emollient; in the treatment of skin irritations and burn injuries; and for cicatrization processes. The remaining meal, after extracting the oil, is rich in protein, minerals, omegas and fiber, which makes it ideal as a food supplement. It contains over 40% protein, all essential aminoacids, and is more digestible than soy meal. Nut milk is prepared from the meal, which substitutes animal milk and is used for functional beverages. For its multiple uses, local communities have named the tree: “The Vegetable Cow”

What does Cacay Oil do?

The Cacay contains one of the highest concentrations of Vitamin E and Vitamin F (Linoleic Acid). But more exciting, is it’s high content of natural retinol, the ultimate ingredient for restoring skin health and preventing and reducing signs of ageing.

Natural retinol is an anti-oxidant known for its excellent anti-ageing properties. It works by activating cell regeneration and helps stimulate the production of collagen, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to create a firmer and smoother complexion.

The natural Vitamin E and F content in Cacay oil nourishes the skin with their antioxidant properties to help protect against the harmful effects of free radicals which can accelerate the signs of ageing. These amazing vitamins also support the skins natural recovery process, promotes cell renewal and regenerates the skin to reveal a healthy, glowing complexion.

Benefits of Cacay Oil for your skin

With regular use of Cacay oil in your skincare regime, it can help to speed-up collagen production, restore the skins natural function and reduce the appearance of wrinkles for a more youthful and radiant complexion.
• Brightening and nourishing
• Illuminates and restores skin radiance
• Protects and strengthens the skins natural protective barrier
• Long lasting hydration and moisturisation
• Improves elasticity for firm, smooth skin
• Reduce signs of ageing
• Promotes skin cell renewal
• Nourishing and soothing anti-oxidant properties

Is Cacay oil right to be included in my skin care?

Cacay oil is a dry, non-greasy oil which easily absorbs into the skin without clogging pores making this ingredient suitable for all skin types. Although it is particularly good for dehydrated and dry skin for its intense moisturisation.

We’d recommend performing a 48 hour patch test before adding new products into your skincare regime. If a reaction occurs, rinse immediately and consult medical advise.



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