hydrating botanical mist // 3.8 fl. oz / 100ml


limited edition
hydrating botanical mist
3.8 fl. oz / 100 ml.

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A note from Maryna: “Aloha nani (beautiful in Hawaiian), I am elated to treat you to a very special experience of summer, bottled. From our garden island of Kauai, for you, with love and tantalizing embrace of summer in the tropics.

Celebrate summer and the lush abundance of Earth’s bounty as you indulge your skin and senses to the decadent care of hydrating floral essence of The HEART OF SUMMER botanical mist. Crafted from freshly-distilled botanical hydrosols, this lightweight oil-free mist infuses skin with antioxidant protection, helps boost natural hydration with weightless blend of natural humectants, and provide calming relief for those sun-over-indulged moments. A joyful experience of aromatic skin refreshment, delivered.

What makes it different: This toner is free from oils, essential oils or supercritical extracts, making it a potent hydration booster.

Aroma: Gentle floral aroma, not a strong scent. Prominent notes of floral rose, crisp lemon balm and tropical coconut, softened by gentle lavender and herbaceous holy basil.

Ideal Dose: Mist generously over cleansed skin before and after oils. Use as often as desired over face, neck, decollete & for a head to toe mood boost. Also try storing in the refrigerator for a refreshing and cooling skin treat

Skin Type: Ideal for all skin types.

Benefits: Hydrating, balancing, calming, enhance performance of oil elixirs and balms.

Result: Refreshed, light and dewy complexion.



The HEART OF SUMMER botanical facial mist features freshly-distilled organic hydrosols crafted in a copper still specifically to obtain the hydrosol, and not as a co-product of essential oil production, delivering nutrient-rich plan’t cellular water and it’s compotenents.

What are hydrosols?

Hydrosols are the aromatic waters that are extracted from raw botanicals via the process of steam distillation. The steam distillation is achieved by passing a steam through a vat or hopper that contains raw plant materials. The steam causes the cells of the plant material to soften and release their aromatic compounds that are present in tiny sacs or globules within the plant, which are then risen by the steam into a cooling system. This condensed cellular water of the plant contains a gentle water-soluble (hydrophilic) micro-molecules of the constituents found in the Essential Oil of the plant, and is called hydrosol. In Essential Oil production, the process is then continued to separate the floral water from the Essential “oil” (though referred to as oils, are not actual fats), however in case of our hydrosol distillation, the distillate is collected and used whole.

Suzanne Catty, author of Hydrosols – the Next Aromatherapy, states: “…hydrosols can be seen as micro-doses of [essential] oil”.  They are also a profound and delightful way to experience and appreciate the life force – with all its potentiality for wholeness – found in the aromatic waters of the plants.

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best together

The HEART OF SUMMER provides an ideal  support in increasing absorption and enhancing performance of moisturizers. In the summer month, it pairs beautifully when used after cleansing with The UNVEIL cleanser melt and before with The VITALITY ELIXIR facial serum and/or The RARE INDIGO beauty balm.


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rose organic hydrosol
holy basil organic hydrosol
chamomile organic hydrosol
emon balm organic hydrosol
helichrysum organic hydrosol
neroli organic hydrosol
lavender organic hydrosol
cucumber organic hydrosol
leuconostoc ferment filtrate
sea silt ferment
salix alba
sodium hyaluronate
green tea
sacha inichi

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Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 5 x 3 x 3 in