Your Right to Love Yourself

We are not born into this world feeling empowered and confident. We are given tools to mould and shape ourselves into who we want to become, and that someone has hopefully turned out to be a loving, confident and empowered person.

Someone who feels comfortable in their own skin, loves the air around them and feels the joy of life…. But sometimes we can forget what we learned along the way and lose sight of these strengths and qualities.

Remember when you used to walk through a crowd with your head held high with confidence and pride? When you woke up with the thought of wonderful possibilities for the day with excitement and enthusiasm? Remember when you’d look in the mirror and smile and think, “mmm, I’m hot!”. I would hope your answer to be, “Yes, just today!” But the reality is that as women we are harder on ourselves than anyone. With or without knowing it, we sometimes ease into the position of last. Last to take care of ourselves, last to pamper ourselves, even last to love ourselves.

I think we can all agree that it’s time for a change. Time for, let’s say a soft nudge up to the front of the line again. To bring ourselves back up, to the time we were happiest, feeling our best and most confident. When we owned our skin and loved it for all that it is.


Take a moment now. Think about it, or write it down in your journal, laptop, napkin, wherever you are, take this moment for yourself. What are things you used to do that made you feel confident, happy, radiant, but most importantly that put you in a place of love… with yourself. It could be as simple as making a cup of your favorite tea in the morning, going for a run, your daily skincare ritual or starting each morning with a positive affirmation (while wearing The Petal Mask – mmm).

cookinFor me, it would be coming home with a basket of fresh produce from the farmers market and making a delicious healthy meal, daily yoga practice and meditation or sitting down with my collection of essential oils and creating a new blend for myself or my friends. The later I tend to forget, and weeks, sometimes months will pass before I pick up that box of wonderful scents and create again. I know that in that time my body and mind are missing something but I could never quite put my finger on it, until I came back to it. Just the smell of sweet lavender or husky vetiver puts a smile on my face. And I can feel my confidence grow as these scents awaken the love within myself that had been pleading to be let out.

altarCollect things. Things that have made you happy in the past and that you know will bring that same feeling back, that same smile on your face. Place them around you, back on the shelf, on your bedside table or hang it on a wall. Let is be seen and remembered and you will in turn see that smile back on your face again.

You may question how you could have so easily forgotten about these rituals and things that used to make you so happy and bring you confidence. So why do we forget? Well, it’s because we let go of the right to love ourselves. Sounds silly when you actually say it, but it’s one of the most important things in life that we so easily push aside. You have the ability to control your life, to empower yourself and share that empowerment with others. To give yourself strength and confidence by doing the things that make you feel worthy. But it’s finding that moment and allowing yourself these pleasures and accepting that you deserve it.

Re-connecting with yourself is so important especially in times when we are being rocked or come close to a tipping point. There are people all around you that can dip into your energy and take it for themselves which in turn can leave you drained. But if you continue to empower yourself through actions and rituals that give you confidence and love that we know you so deserve, you can get through anything. Embrace yourself and all that you are. Be strong, but kind. Inspire to feel refined and worthy again. Worthy of love, health, happiness and confidence.


So take a moment for yourself. Crave your beauty ritual. Crave strength to be confident. Crave the power to love all that are you in this moment.



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