Earth Day, Every Day. What you do to make a difference

We Love YOU, mother Earth! To celebrate Earth Day of 2017, or as we call it Earth birthday, since Earth Day is Every Day!, we held a special giveaway…

We gifted two lucky winners with special MAHALO goodies, however, it was the gifts that you offered to us in return, that is what made the biggest impact on our hearts. We have asked you to share what steps you take in empowering sustainability and longevity for our planet, and WOW – did you ever deliver! We received over 4000 heart-bursting-with-gratitude comments from people all over the world sharing mindful, conscious choice steps that you take in ensuring the prosperity, health and beauty of our planet.

Seeing that you took the time and love to share with us, we realized that we can’t just have it be lost in the comment sphere of cyberspace, so we went through every single comment you wrote, and recorded and tallied your efforts below. The loudest notes were on reduce, reuse, recycle, as well as NO to plastic (water bottles, utensils, bags etc). From conspicuous consumption to conscious consumerism:


planetIncorporating ECO choices into their daily lifestyles 436

plantsGarden at home (including apartment mini gardens) 147

butterflySustainable food/clothing/beauty products 78

homeSupporting local 59

waterPreserve water 58

compostComposting 53


Sustainability starts with me! So I do my part to eat clean organic food from the ground, eliminate all toxins and chemicals from my home- skincare, hair care, cleaning products, etc. Next I tell everyone I know about amazing companies like Mahalo and share with others how to make healthier choices. Together- one person at a time- we will make a difference! ~lyd42112

I see our plant as a living being. If you poison it repeatedly and interfere with its cycles and systems it will eventually begin to shut down. It’s so important to be aware of our amounts of waste and what kind of waste matter we leave behind and got it affects our beautiful home. “Recyclable, biodegradable & eco friendly – try and apply these everyday little by little and it will make a difference. Love your products and your message behind it @vitachambers

I keep my skincare containers after finishing the product for reuse with either a different product or for travel ~jessyschriewer

I grow my own vegetables, compost, upcycle, and have a distiller to make my own distilled water ~callmesuze my spare time I clean beaches, lakes, rivers and our city streets, of trash ~jennycancan

I am teaching my daughter to reduce reuse recycle- one of her favorite things to say 🙂 We repurpose her toys, clothes she’s grown out of, we volunteer for community clean ups and we will be planting our own veggies in the community garden and my dad’s garden this spring. Once we move to our own house from our apt building we’ll plant our own garden. We grow our own herbs. We shop local and buy local as often as possible at farmers markets and small businesses. We are walking instead of driving and using public transportation whenever possible. We donate old clothes and shoes and we try to buy from resale shops and tag, garage, estate sales. It’s just a few small things but steps in the right direction and as she gets older we’ll do more and more ~rainababy1013

My sons and I like to walk outside every other day in our neighborhood and pick up the trash and and recycle what we can. I know it’s not much but it’s important because we need to teach our little ones to be responsible for our future and show them the importance of taking care of our earth…~e_beauty_diary

I aim to make a change by aiming to live more sustainable every day and encouraging my family and friends to do so as well ~toscagrrllove

The most important step to take in increasing the longevity of our planet is through educating those around us to take the required steps in creating the smallest environmental impact. As an upcoming chemist, I know how important it is to be safe to the planet, specifically regarding our waste disposal (recycling, flushing hazardous chemicals, etc.)…. ~taralynn996

I saw the film “Bag It” & it was life changing. I carry my own bags & avoid plastic. Also started gardening, switched to glass containers & buy in bulk when possible ~elizabethabadie

This earth is such a sacred, wild, beautiful place… I try and get outside communing with nature as often as I can. I love to listen to the wind dance through the trees, the birds and their songs, the water on the shore… I think along with making eco friendly changes to cleaning products and body care as well as using reusable bags, bottles and containers, recycling, and being aware of our impact, it is also important to open our eyes and soak it all in… to appreciate the beauty all around @goddess_of_greens

As a scientist by trade and now a teacher, I’m always trying my best to educate my children about the importance of protecting and respecting our planet! They even raised over £1000 to support a rainforest charity last term 😊 I always use reusable bags and water bottles, walk rather than drive, and recycle recycle recycle!! @lpetitesfleurs

We collect water when it rains to use to water other plants when it’s dry outside as well as using well water when it gets dry for our banana, coconut, mango, & citrus trees; we each have a large reusable water bottle; we only eat fish that are not endangered; recycle, 1 fuel efficient car for the whole family; do periodic beach clean ups when they’re held at North Beach (in Miami) & on our own; chargers are kept in a common area of the house, so they can be unplugged after use; I wash my hair weekly; we have & use a large compost heap; we’ve installed water savers for all water outlets in the house; I take the bus & Mertorail as I no longer drive (for health reasons); only using the washer at full capacity & I line dry our clothes, but I put them in the dryer for about 5 min to ‘fluff’ them up a bit; my husband donates to the @sierraclub, @nrdc & The Nature Conservancy; we also partake in clean ups for our village- @thevillageofelportal ~katherine6126

For the last 10 years, no matter what weather (and in the middle of Norway we have a lot of weather) I’ve been riding my bike to and from work (15 km everyday) to hjelp save the planet from fuel and gas. Thats my biggest contribution ~lillesol70

I eat a vegan diet, recycle everything that I can, compost, and try to use food-grade ingredients for as much of my house cleaning and body care as possible (salt, vinegar, baking soda, oils, etc.) Earth Day is every day

I have given up meat consumption since animal agriculture is the biggest reason for climate change, I use biodegradable bags, recycle everything possible, use clean organic beauty products, use reusable nalgene water bottles (one for work desk, one for the home), have convinced my organization to give up water bottles and plastic cups- now we use a refillable glass water jar and use washable ceramics, I use reusable straws, biodegradable cat litter, wash laundry once per week and line dry, have recently been switching to green home cleaning products. We have no planet B. We need to do our best to protect it ~hiraandrade

I converted to the green side over 5 years ago while on my 2nd fashion design degree. I’m inspired to create fashion that is better for the planet and our bodies. Also been using essential oils for beauty and healing all my life. I then converted to organic makeup, Skincare, body care, laundry, home cleaning, food. Everything! ~mayrapiloni

We cloth diaper our kids, try to reuse when and where we can and not overbuy just because “it’s on sale” and recycle like mad people (ok the last one is mandatory, we live in Japan!) @meaghan.rae

I am a sexual assault counsellor who believes in providing energy for victims of sexual assault. So that they might live effectively and in fallback in love with themselves empowering themselves and others along the way. I also buy all my produce from local markets, straight from the producer so i reduce carbon footprint and make relationships with the people that sustain me through the week @miranda.egan1

I live in a developing countr[y] where its hard to practice and empower sustainability and longevity of our planet. It took longer miles and effort for me to be the seen as ‘alien’ where most people are unaware of what is “organic products”, “natural products, “reduce, recycle and reuse” and its even hard to find recycling centre around my place. But i keep on educating myself, my families and friends in my circle. Miles to go! @naz_uzm

I have been recycling for 12 years, and in the south it still isn’t the most popular thing. I use reusable coffee mugs and water bottles, use canvas bags at the grocery store or no bag at all if it fits in my purse, instead of dumping out water still in my family’s cups I use it to water my plants, I use all led light bulbs and make sure to turn them off when not in use. I make sure to set my thermostat down or up when I’m at work, and I’m trying to teach my child the importance of protecting the earth. ~smangelina

After working for an environmental nonprofit for almost six years, we try to live as sustainably as we can…we eat only local, grass-fed meat from our local butcher, try not to have too much stuff, use all natural cleaning and beauty products, and we even recycle our wine corks with a local flooring company! We only get one planet…@cleanhealthyglow


  • Educate yourself of mindful, conscious living, as well as inspire and empower others
  • Eat / buy non GMO
  • Educating children to be mindful of their impact in ways of:
    • teaching children to garden
    • turn off water while they brush their teeth
  • Having solar panels for hot water / main electricity source
  • Switch off lights and electrical appliances when not in use
  • Using reusable food containers
  • Donate clothing instead of throwing away, as well as shop vintage clothing
  • Pick-up litter, take part in beach clean-up
  • Bringing your own grocery bags to the store
  • Donate and advocate to/about eco conscious and sustainable efforts
  • Eliminate or highly reduce use of plastic (bottles, bags, containers etc)
  • Bike, carpool, use public transit as much as possible
  • Using natural cleaning products, like white vinegar, tea tree oil, baking soda etc,
  • Buy groceries at local farmer’s markets, and grow your own (balcony gardens are all the green rage)
  • Support fair trade, cruelty-free companies by voting with your dollar
  • Use steel/glass/bamboo straws and utensils in lieu of plastic
  • Collect gray water to use in the garden
  • Use beeswax wrap in lieu of plastic food wrap
  • Plant trees
  • Get rid of make-up wipes and products with plastic microbeads
  • Avid coffee drinker? – bring your own reusable cups
  • Boycott products that endanger wildlife
  • Use rechargeable batteries
  • Don’t throw away food scraps, convert them into stock, bouillons, pies etc
  • Women – use menstrual cups



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