Life Measured With A Cup of Coffee

Many people begin their day with a beloved cup of coffee. Relishing in the sent of it brewing, waking up body and mind with its heavy earthy chocolate filled aroma.

I have measured out my life with coffee spoons – T.S. Eliot

It’s what we wake up to, enjoy throughout the day, and dream about having the next morning, well some of us anyway 😉 Warm and delicious, enveloping our senses with delightful aromas. It’s our comfort blanket for those quiet, delicate times and also a friend to kick our butts when needed. That steaming cup in hand can conjure up emotions of delight, happiness and excitement, and change your tone for the day. Indulging in not only the taste and scent, but the touch of coffee, can awaken new senses and delights that we are only recently coming to find.

Your morning cup of coffee doesn’t have to be your only coffee ritual. By adding coffee into your skin care ritual, you add many benefits to revitalizing your skin, as it provides extensive nutrients and rejuvenating properties as well as invigorating stimulation to your senses, lungs and mood. Its earthy and herbaceous aroma is enough to want it in your skin treats, and because it has a way of softening your skin and creating a subtle shine, you’ll almost crave it on your skin every day as much as your cup of coffee. Imagine that lingering Sunday, sun creeping through the blinds as you’re sitting on the sofa with that book you just can’t put down, inhaling the aroma from your coffee… mask! I look to the side of my desk at my cup of coffee still steaming and resist the urge.

Origins of Coffee
There are many myths about where and how coffee originated, but the most trusted story can be traced back to the 15th century in an Ethiopian forest with Kaldi, a modest goat herder who accidentally discovered the bountiful energy his goats acquired after consuming these beans. He informed his local monastery of this mysterious find and after making a drink from the newly found berry, it was discovered to keep the monks alert and energized throughout the long hours of prayers.

The word slowly spread throughout the 16th century to the Arabian Peninsula of this magical bean and by the 17th century, coffee had made its way to the shores of Europe and was now widely sought after throughout the continent. It is known that coffee made its first appearance in the Americas in the mid-1600’s and when the Boston Tea Party was formed in defiance of the Tea Act in 1773, it would dramatically change the history of coffee forever. Traders and explorers were now planting and cultivating coffee beans throughout the world from Java Indonesia, to the islands of the Caribbean and the coffee boom was now truly underway. As of today, coffee has become the second most sought after commodity after crude oil and one of the world’s most profitable crops. Image: Tontine Coffee House

Coffee – the favorite drink of the civilized world.  Thomas Jefferson

Clinical Studies and Research
We’re always looking for ways to slow down aging, to appear youthful and glowing and we are thankfully now finding ways to accomplish this through anti-aging formulations in skin care with ingredients such as coffee oil and extract. There have been several clinical studies showing improvement of skin elasticity, firmness, texture and appearance through the use of coffee due to its ability to retain moisture in the skin, increasing collagen and elastin thus encouraging continuous cell growth.

With its high level of chlorogenic acid, coffee’s antioxidant-rich and anti-inflammatory properties are also proving beneficial for troubled skin from rosacea to pigmentation and dermatologists are being encouraged to discuss this wondrous ingredient for their patients benefits. The demand for non-irritant and non-toxic ingredients in skin care is now a must and coffee provides this relief from many other options.

Study after study shows the amazing benefits of coffee in skin care, and the beauty industry is now looking at its cup of coffee in a whole new light, as we’re sure you will too the next morning you’re sipping your warm cup of joe. I steal another glance at my cup, surely cool enough now to sip, but I resist the urge once more telling myself I can live without it for just this one day.

Knowing well the potent properties of coffee bean oil after years of research and testing, founder Maryna was adamant about adding as much of this antioxidant-rich ingredient into the newest addition to MAHALO’s collection, THE BEAN mask. Wanting to give you the best of the best, this has certainly been achieved through the inclusion of high doses of the Green Coffee Bean Oil and the Coffee Co2. Herbaceous and robust with the combination of coffee and cacao aromas, lingering florals of vanilla and ylang ylang, you’ll find this mask not only tantalizes your sense of smell but that of touch, once the decadence reaches your face. It’s almost orgasmic!

To Roast or Unroast(ed)
Unroasted coffee beans are referred to as green coffee beans – Coffea Arabica, and contain a high concentration of essential fatty acids, sterols, and vitamin E. While roasted coffee oil, Coffee CO2 is known for its quick absorption and abundant with phytosterols, which is the agent aiding with moisture retention that we are all seeking for that glowing complexion. We love that this oil is very similar in nature to that of our skin, having the same pH level thus aiding in the balance we are all ultimately looking for. And what could be better than an oil stimulating the skin through detoxification targeting tired and troubled skin!

Green Coffee Oil Properties
Plant part used: Berries and seeds
Color: Dark brown green
Consistency: Thin to Medium
Aroma: Herbal, crisp

Coffee CO2 Properties:
Plant part used: Berries and seeds
Color: Dark Brown
Consistency: Medium to Thick
Aroma: Strong, rich, that of freshly brewed coffee

Green Coffee Oil Facts:
* Extracted from one of the two most common species of coffee plant, it represents 70% of the world’s coffee
* The antioxidant properties present in green coffee oil is 3 times greater than that of green tea (in amounts of polyphenols and phenolic acids) and four times more potent than vitamin C
* Properties can combat UV damage and aid in improving skin structure
* Commonly used to energize, improve respiration, and aid aching muscles

Can be found in these MAHALO Skin Care products:
THE BEAN mask – Green Coffee Bean oil and Coffee CO2

Now that my head is filled with images of dancing goats reaching for coffee beans and adventurous explorers trading and planting coffee, I can no longer resist the urge. I reach for my warm cup and indulge in the sweet taste of my morning ritual knowing that I could have possibly resisted… just not today.



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