Blogger Spotlight: The Green Product Junkie

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gpj1One of the first bloggers we connected with in the green beauty world was Katie, from the Green Product Junkie blog. From the moment of reading her blog, scrolling through her creative Instagram page and seeing the overflowing passion she has for the green living, we knew that Katie is going to be the Mahalo girl. There are so many things that we thoroughly adore about this sassy New Yorker. Her fantastic sense of humor, women empowerment, fierce passion for green and mindful living from all angles – be that picking up trash after the uncaring city dwellers, educating about the devastating impact of plastic use, to the discerning selection of green, non-toxic beauty products. gpj4Katie’s candid and often humor-filled posts will offer you introductions to new and staple green beauty products, information on what works what doesn’t, and education on plastic-free living (yes, she might hiss at those using disposable Keurig cups, but will offer you many Earth-loving alternative options).

Ladies and gets, we give you the Green Product Junkie:

Behind the blog: Katie O’Sullivan
Hails from: New York, New York
Occupation: Green Beauty Blogger, Voice Actress, Performer
Living Green: Over three years
Instagram: /@TheGreenProductJunkie
Twitter: /@GreenProdJunkie

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MAHALO: Why do you do what you do? Why green beauty blogging?
GPJ: I absolutely love chatting about green beauty, makeup, skincare and anything related to the environment.  I also love bonding with like-minded people, so this is a great outlet for me.  When I first became interested in green beauty, I really didn’t have any friends who shared the same interest and I was just dying to yap about my new products.  So, I figured if I started writing about them, I would be able to connect with people who shared the same interest (the “If you build it, they will come.” mentality).  Guess what?  It happened!  I honestly love this side of my life.  I’ve made a ton of new friends and I just love helping people make the switch to non-toxics.  I’m a big girl’s girl, so this is great for me.

What’s most important message that you want your followers to hear?
I’d love them to know that they’ll be such huge improvements in their skin if they start using non-toxic skin care and makeup.   In addition, if they stick with it, they won’t believe that they once used conventional products because the mere smell of them is revolting.  I also want people to start considering the environment. People think it’s not a sexy topic, but it really is.  I’d love people to consider their plastic bag use, plastic toothbrushes, “disposable” coffee cups, etc. I’m trying to get the word out there…gently.  Oddly enough, it’s a very touchy subject with a lot of people.  Once you start messing with people’s convenience, you can very quickly become the bad guy.  But, let’s be honest here, people love the beach, they love fresh air, they love a clean park, so we’ve got to think beyond, “Ugh, carrying reusable bags is a pain in the neck!”  So, instead of putting people’s practices down, I choose to give them suggestions or alternative ways to deal with their plastic consumption.  Once people start using a glass straw, or carrying their own bag, they actually feel like they’re part of the solution, rather than the problem, and that is very empowering.

What kind of impact do you hope to leave on people via your blog?
gpj5I’d love them to feel connected and that they’ve got someone who is a straight shooter, someone who will tell them exactly what she thinks.  I want them to feel like I’m not just trying to sell them something, but rather that they can trust me because I gain nothing from talking nonsense.  I think my passion for this comes through, so I don’t worry too much about it.  I’d also like them to laugh a bit;  I love to have a good laugh.

How much of your time goes in to blogging/research etc?
A TON OF MY TIME.  If you see my social media feeds, you’ll see that I’m always posting something.  My apartment is filled with products I’m testing, I’m constantly emailing with brands, it’s a full-time job, honestly.  When I’m away for the day on an acting job, I come home and I’m like, “Oh, no…what did I miss?”  Social media is a real thing, people, so you need to keep on top of it.  It’s a lot of work and creative thought to keep your followers interested, informed and for me, entertained!

How did going green changed your life? What were the challenging moments? 
gpj6Green has totally changed my life.  My skin is great now, I love my makeup kit, I no longer am breathing in toxic, synthetic perfumes anymore because I’m informed…the list goes on.  I’ve also met really, really cool people who share the same love for this that I do, and that’s invaluable.  I love being social and this provides a great outlet for that.  I don’t believe I’ve had any challenging moments, to be honest.  I just read, learned, and it all made a lot of sense intuitively to me, so I just made the changes.   I can’t stress enough how much fun this has been for me.

What’s important to you in life? 
What’s most important is having people around me that I can relate to and to have my feelings validated (and, in turn, validate theirs).  I’m dramatic by nature, so having a friend who is like, “Yeah, I get it.  I’ve felt like that, too,”  means the world.   I also love laughing with people and having a great chat.  I love connecting.  Those are probably the biggest things for me.

What are you passionate about? 
gpj3Laughter, the environment, people.

What are you grateful for? 
I’m grateful for my health, my friends, my job and that I am able to fully support myself.  Having been through a divorce, that’s always a scary thing, but I came out the other end better than before!  Phew!

Do you have a life mantra?
This might sound depressing, but it’s not, it’s, “Nothing really matters…” I know that can sound dark and dismal, but considering I’m a bit of a worry wart, I definitely need that grounding statement to help me realize that nothing is that important.

What’s your quiet moments of self-care look like?
I like to put some cuticle oil on my nails, scrub my feet, put a mask on and have a good chat or text session with a friend.

What’s the silliest thing you’ve done recently?
See my YouTube videos or Instagram…I think it’s all documented.


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